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On-Farm Connectivity Program

Boost Your Farm’s Productivity with the On-Farm Connectivity Program! 

Unlock the Power of Connected Farming with an up to 50%* rebate on our Connectivity Solutions! 

Imagine your farm, fully connected! All your machinery, on-farm technology and sensors link up and work to their full potential. Look no further!

The Australian Government's On Farm Connectivity Program is here, designed especially with farm businesses in mind.

Find our eligible connectivity solutions and prices* here.

*Please note additional charges may apply for delivery, installation and training. These will be provided at time of quote.

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The On Farm Connectivity Program is all about enabling farmers in agriculture, forestry and fisheries to take advantage of connected machinery and sensor technology and bringing the future to your farm. It's a $30 million initiative and its mission is to supercharge your farm with technology. Here's what it can do for you:

  • Stay Connected. Imagine your farm, fully connected. With this program that can become your reality - get your machinery and sensors all linked up and take your farm into the digital age.
  • Farming Made Easy. We get it; farming is tough work. That's why this program is here to make things easier. It's about helping you embrace digital solutions and make your farm more efficient and productive.
  • Boost Your Farm's Productivity. The agricultural sector is ripe for growth, and we want you to be at the forefront of it. This program is your ticket to boosting your farm's productivity.

Get Our Connectivity Tech up to Half the Price*! 

Here's the exciting part – you can get our game-changing satellite on-the-move connectivity for your farm machinery and service vehicles for up to 50% off!* 

Why Act Now? 

This program is specifically here for you and your farm business. It's time to embrace the future, and we're here to support you every step of the way.

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity for your farm. Apply today and start your journey towards a more connected, efficient, and productive farm.

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This program is on a first-come, first-serve basis. Don't miss out! Be one of the first farmers to seize this amazing opportunity.

Farm-Friendly Application

We know you're busy, especially during harvest season. That's why we've made the application process quick and straightforward. We want you to focus on your farm while we take care of the rest.

Apply for the Program Today

There are no obligations to apply. It's the first step towards embracing cutting-edge technology on your farm.

Subsidies of up to 50%*

Farmers can receive up to 50% off their order as a rebate to the On-Farm Connectivity Program.

So What’s the Process?

Farmer confirms pre-application* eligibility

*Final eligibility confirmed during application assessment

Choose Connectivity Solution
Receive and accept quote from Connected Farms
Rebate application submitted by Connected Farms
Application assessed by Federal Government*

*Estimated 4-6 week turnaround

Rebate approved & Farmer advised
Farmer pays invoice
Product shipped. If required, appointment arranged to install connectivity solution
Connected Farms Support Team available to answer questions throughout process

Connected Farms Eligible Connectivity Solutions

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Satellite on the Move

Connected Farms' Satellite on the move solution for agriculture offers farmers on-the-go connectivity where there is no existing connectivity available at all. With very high-speed internet, low latency, and the ability to mount the antenna on machinery, it enables Wi-Fi calling, precision farming and automation, all supported by 24/7 service. Stay connected anywhere on your farm with unlimited data and dedicated plans. We offer three different packages to suit your needs.

Prices For Farmers start from: $3,000.00 exc GST

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On Machine/Vehicle & building Wi-Fi Gateway

Designed to meet the unique connectivity needs on farm, it acts as a digital gateway, seamlessly enabling Wi-Fi calling and connecting your farm buildings, devices and machinery to the internet. Available in two different packages for On Machine WiFi, and WiFi around farm buildings

On Machine/Vehicle Wi-Fi
In areas with poor or patchy existing 4G coverage this solution creates a high-speed Wi-Fibubble in and around your tractor, sprayer or header cab, also works on utes. Our high gain devices receive and amplify 4G signal from any mobile operator (i.e. Telstra / Optus / Vodafone) automatically using the strongest signal and converting it to Wi-Fi. Ongoing SiM subscription applies. Importantly on farm existing 4G coverage testing included in price to ensure this is the right solution for your farm.

On-Farm Wi-Fi
Vehicle WiFi Gateway_Sold Out
Our on-Farm Wi-Fi Gateway connects up to 6 remote buildings or locations point to point and delivers Wi-Fi through gateways at each remote location. It uses your existing internet connection (or Connected Farms can also supply this for an additional fee) and assumes that you have a suitable shed / silo / tower near to your internet supply and have power available. 

Prices For Farmers start from: $725.00 exc GST


IoT Gateway_Sold Out

LoRaWAN / IoT Gateway

The essential LoRaWAN gateway exclusively for farmers. Connect all your LoRaWAN sensors in a 10 to 15Km radius (subject to radio engineering check). The Krucial Connect gateway can connect to the internet by various means – whatever is available so via direct ethernet, or 4G or Wi-Fi or dedicated satellite link meaning your sensor data will work anywhere, always get through and is future-proofed. Our powerful LoRa base station has a built-in back-up satellite connection and battery, so it keeps working if the main internet connection fails or the power supply is down. 


Prices For Farmers start from: $6,740.00 exc GST

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Smart Silobag Sensor

Elevate your grain storage game with our Smart Silobag sensors. Monitor and manage grain quality in real-time, receive alerts for humidity, CO2, temperature, and movement (vermin strike or theft) issues, all from your smartphone. Boost profitability with reduced labour costs, efficient monitoring, and long-term savings while ensuring top-quality grain year-round. These sensors have built-in low-cost satellite connectivity so they can be used in silobags anywhere that has a view to the sky. One Smart Silobag sensor is required every 15 - 20 metres. Ongoing subscription applies.


Prices For Farmers start from: $274.00 exc GST

Weather Station_Sold Out

Weather Station

It provides real-time weather data on temperature, humidity, wind, and more, allowing you to optimise farming practices, protect crops, allocate resources efficiently, and ensure livestock well-being. Choose it for accuracy, durability, ease of use, support, and cost-efficiency in boosting your farming operations. Ideal to integrate into your spraying records systems to assist in accurate spray data being maintained.

Please note, this device uses your existing LoRaWAN network (or Connected Farms can also supply this for an additional fee with our Krucial Connect solution) to provide the real-time data and alerts.


Prices For Farmers start from: $2,664.50 exc GST

Soil Moisture Sensor_Sold Out

Soil Moisture Sensor

Our advanced, easy-to-use sensors provide real-time soil moisture data for precision irrigation, seeding, and crop health monitoring. Save water, reduce costs, and optimise your farming operations, all backed by our accuracy, customization, and reliable support. Make confident data-driven decisions with Connected Farms Soil Sensors.

Please note, this device uses your existing LoRaWAN network (or Connected Farms can also supply this for an additional fee with our Krucial Connect solution) to provide the real-time data and alerts.

Prices For Farmers start from: $972.50 exc GST

Connected SeaFarm_Sold Out

Connected SeaFarm

Transform your aquaculture operation with seamless satellite connectivity, automatic data flow, and real-time insights. With easy setup and robust monitoring, make informed decisions, protect fish welfare, and ensure long-term profitability. Choose Connected SeaFarm for a connected, productive, and efficient future in aquaculture farming.


Prices For Farmers start from: $22,500.00 exc GST

Connected Farms Satellite on the Move Solution

You can make a call, send an SMS or access the internet from the field, keeping you connected, safe and improving on-farm wellbeing.

  • Full Wi-Fi capabilities across your farmland, so you can make a call, send an SMS or access the internet from the field, keeping you connected, safe and improving on-farm wellbeing.
  • Planting and harvest accuracy is improved with RTK correction over IP. Our coverage allows all your machinery and on-board precision farming systems to work at maximum effectiveness.
  • Connected machinery enables live data casting so you know what is happening and where it is happening in each machine across the farm in real-time.
  • Allows real-time access to yield mapping, particularly grain moisture content that enables instant decision making for grain storage and blending.
  • Enables robotics, autonomous tractors and implements to operate at full capability, including AI and yield prediction overlays.

Connected SeaFarm

Continuous data flow. Improve decision-making with complete, accurate data.

  • Connected insights. Unlock data-driven decision-making across multiple sites and locations.
  • One system, everywhere. Enjoy consistent performance across all sites, no matter the location or terrain.
  • Easy to Deploy. Set up in hours with no specialist skills required. Easily integrate Connected Seafarm into your existing business infrastructure with our user-friendly API. Register your gateways and IoT devices to start forwarding business-critical data to and from your site.
  • Reliability. Designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions, Connected SeaFarm is built to last, providing long-term value for your investment.
Connected SeaFarm

Krucial Connect LoRaWAN

Krucial Connect is a cutting-edge LoRaWAN gateway designed specifically for farmers. It serves as the central nervous system of your farm, connecting all your sensors and devices to provide real-time data, enhance productivity, and optimise your farming operations. Here is what it will help you achieve onfarm:

  • Precision Agriculture. Optimise irrigation and fertilisation schedules based on real-time soil moisture and weather data.
  • Livestock Management. Keep track of the location and health of your livestock with GPSenabled trackers.
  • Crop Health Monitoring. Monitor crop conditions and respond promptly to pests, diseases, or nutrient deficiencies.
  • Water storage. Reduce water and energy consumption by using data-driven insights for water management.
  • Grain monitoring. Keep track of your grain’s quality, condition, and temperature in real-time.
  • Labor Savings. Streamline operations with remote control capabilities for certain farm equipment, such as stop spray controls when spray drift parameters a breached.
Krucial Connect LoRaWAN

Smart Silobags

Our Smart Silobag sensors offer you the power to predict and manage your grain quality with precision, all in real-time. This cutting-edge technology makes your post-harvest grain storage predictable and manageable. Here is what it helps you enable on-farm:

  • These sensors offer real-time monitoring and alerts for silobags, ensuring prompt action when grain quality is at risk. This results in higher-quality grain that can fetch premium prices in the market.
  • They detect issues like temperature spikes, humidity imbalances, and gas levels, they prevent spoilage and grain loss, resulting in cost savings and increased revenue.
  • Remote monitoring and automated reporting reduce manual checks, cutting labour costs and improving resource efficiency.
  • They provide detailed data on grain type, quantity, and condition simplifies storage management, while historical data and quality predictions aid decision-making for storage and distribution, enhancing long-term planning and profitability.
  • Long-term savings through reduced spoilage and increased efficiency. With continuous monitoring, grain storage uncertainty is eliminated, enabling farms to align grain quality with market prices year-round, optimising harvest returns and on-farm profitability.
Smart Silobag Sensors-1

Krucial Weather Station

Our innovative weather station enables farmers with real time weather conditions and actionable insights, ensuring that they can make informed decisions and optimise their farm operations. Here is what it helps you enable on-farm:

  • Precision Farming. With accurate and real time up-to-the-minute weather data across your farm, you can fine-tune your farming practices. Adjust mitigate spray drift incidents, irrigation schedules, seeding, spraying and harvesting times, and livestock management strategies with confidence.
  • Crop Protection. Protect your crops from extreme weather events. The Weather Station provides early warnings of potential frost, storms, or drought, allowing you to take proactive measures to safeguard your crops.
  • Resource Optimisation. Efficiently allocate resources such as water, fertilisers, and labor based on real-time weather conditions, ensuring that you maximise your yields while minimising costs.
  • Livestock Health. Keep your livestock healthy and comfortable by monitoring temperature and humidity levels, helping you prevent stress-related issues during extreme weather.
Krucial Weather Station

Krucial Soil Sensors

Our soil moisture sensors provide real-time, accurate measurements of soil moisture levels at different depths within the soil profile. Here is what it can help you enable on-farm:

  • Precision Irrigation. With real-time moisture data, you can tailor your irrigation schedule and volume to match the specific needs of your crops. This precision reduces water wastage and minimises over-irrigation, leading to significant cost savings and improved crop health.
  • Precision seeding. With real-time moisture data, you can tailor your seeding schedule to match the specific needs of your crop. This maximise your crops germination rate while minimising time-consuming bogging of your machinery when seeding on too wet soil profiles.
  • Crop Health Monitoring. By monitoring soil moisture levels, you can detect early signs of stress or water deficit in your crops. This proactive approach allows you to take corrective measures promptly, minimising crop loss and enhancing on-farm decision making.
  • Resource optimisation. In regions with limited water resources, efficient water management is crucial. Our soil moisture sensors help you conserve water by only applying irrigation when and where it's needed, reducing water wastage and lowering operational costs.
  • Data-Driven Decision Making. Access to real-time soil moisture data empowers you with valuable insights into your soil’s conditions. This data-driven decision-making enables you to optimise planting, harvesting, and overall farm management, improving profitability, yields and efficiencies.
Meet our customer Tim Gleeson who owns a broadacre operation in Victoria. After years of trying to farm in a connectivity black spot, hear how Connected Farms has helped improve connectivity over his farm and optimised the way his business can operate.

Some Questions You Might Be Asking

What is the On Farm Connectivity Program?

The Australian Government's On Farm Connectivity Program is providing $30 million over two years to enable primary producers in agriculture, forestry and/or fisheries to take advantage of connected machinery and sensor technology.

The objectives of the program are to:

  • extend digital connectivity and enable Primary Producers to take advantage of advanced farming technology
  • enhance a Primary Producer's ability to implement digital agribusiness solutions through improved connectivity
  • capitalise on the agricultural sector's productivity and growth, and
  • support access to new communications equipment and services by offsetting some of the cost.
What does the On Farm Connectivity Program mean for my farm business?

For eligible farm businesses the program will provide a rebate of up to 50 per cent* of the cost of our fully managing satellite on the move connectivity solution, making it an attractive and accessible opportunity for your farm business.

*subject to eligibility and T&Cs.

Will my farm be eligible?

Eligible farm businesses will need to meet the criteria in this link.

What is involved in the program’s application process?
  1. Farmer confirms pre-application* eligibility.
    *Final eligibility confirmed during application assessment

  2. Choose Connectivity Solution
  3. Receive and accept quote from Connected Farms
  4. Rebate application submitted by Connected Farms
  5. Application assessed by Federal Government*
    *Estimated 4-6 week turnaround
  6. Rebate approved & Farmer advised
  7. Farmer receives invoice from Connected Farms
  8. Farmer pays invoice
  9. Product shipped. If required, appointment arranged to install connectivity solution
  10. Connected Farms Support Team available to answer questions throughout process
Harvest is coming up, I don’t have time to apply, what should I do?

The Harvest season is indeed a busy time for farmers. The funding program operates on a "first come, first served" basis, so we recommend applying as soon as possible to secure your spot. However, we understand the time constraints of the farming calendar. To make it easier for you, we've simplified the application process with our user-friendly online form.

Online forms don’t work for me. How can I apply?

We're here to assist you. Simply reach out to our dedicated team by phone at 1800 497 148, and we'll guide you through the application process and file it on your behalf.

How long does the On Farm Connectivity Program run for?

The On Farm Connectivity Program is officially set to expire in May 2024. However, it's important to note that the program operates on a "first come, first served" basis. As long as funds are available in the funding pool, the program will continue to accept applications. Given the expected high demand, we strongly advise applying on our website as early as possible to ensure you secure your spot.

Which connectivity solution do I apply for?

We are here to partner with you in your farming business and provide appropriate connectivity solutions and support to help your farm successfully implement digital agriculture across your operation.

Agricultural technologies, digital ag, robotics and autonomous agricultural machinery require different levels of connectivity. Some are network latency sensitive, and some are not. There are a lot of connectivity aspects to consider depending on you farm type, operation systems, and digital technologies you wish to implement. We encourage you to have a chat with us ofcp@connectedfarms.co first, so your farm has the relevant levels of connectivity over it.

What is on-farm connectivity?

On-farm connectivity is the ability for farm businesses to have connectivity across their whole farm, fence-to-fence, to enable digital agriculture. Your whole farm business and systems can be connected to provide better control, visibility, and management where and when you need it. This in turn increases efficiency, productivity, and incremental gains on-farm

How does connectivity work with my farm machinery?
  • Full Wi-Fi capabilities across your farmland so you can make a call, send an SMS or access the internet from the field, keeping you connected, safe. Improving on-farm productivity and wellbeing.
  • Planting and harvest accuracy is improved with RTK correction over IP. Our coverage allows all your machinery and on-board precision farming systems to work at maximum effectiveness.
  • Connected machinery allows data casting so you know what is happening and where it is happening across the farm in real-time.
  • On-board technology and software reach their full potential with connectivity. So, you can make the most of your machine’s on-board precision systems and technologies with real-time data and full integration.
  • Allows real-time access to yield mapping, particularly grain moisture and protein content that enables instant decision making for grain storage and blending.
  • Monitoring of activity and on-farm data collection can be performed in real-time.
What does a fully connected farm mean?

Farmscape-Update-Mar2023-v2 1

Connectivity over farmland can be likened to conduit - it enables seamless communication, data exchange, and control among various components, equipment, and processes on-farm.

A fully connected farm has various elements of the farming process, seamlessly linked through digital connectivity. This includes the integration of IoT sensors, AgriTech, data-sharing across devices, machines and platforms, and remote monitoring capabilities. The primary goal is to create an integrated and data-rich farm ecosystem that allows farmers to make informed decisions in real-time, improving the efficiency and productivity of the farm while minimising waste and resource use.

What are the benefits when my farm is fully connected?
  • Data collection: Connectivity enables data from sensors to be continuously collected and transmitted in real-time to a central database or cloud-based platform. This allows for the monitoring of conditions and activities across the farm.
  • Remote monitoring and control: Farmers and farm managers can access real-time data and control farm equipment remotely through their smartphones or computers. This enables them to make informed decisions and adjustments faster and more efficiently.
  • Automation: Automation systems can be implemented to control various farm operations. For example, irrigation systems can be automated based on soil moisture data, reducing water waste.
  • Data & predictive analytics: The collected data is analysed using advanced analytics tools. This can provide insights into crop health, equipment efficiency, and overall farm performance. Predictive modeling can be used to forecast future conditions and optimise resource allocation. For example, predicting pest outbreaks or optimal planting times.
  • Efficiency: Connectivity can be used to optimise resource use on farm in real-time to maximise productivity.
  • Supply chain integration: Fully connected farms can be connected to their supply chain suppliers and buyers, enabling better coordination.
  • Safety and security: Connectivity can enhance farm safety and security by providing real-time monitoring of critical data and staff can communicate anywhere, anytime.
  • Compliance and record keeping: Being fully connected on-farm can also simplify regulatory compliance and record-keeping by automating the collection and reporting of required data.
What else can I do to improve my farm operation with connectivity?

What is a Smart Silobag sensor?

These sensors monitor inside and around your silo bags in real-time. The sensors operate via satellite, wide-area mobile broadband, or narrow band network, to facilitate real-time monitoring of grain stored in silo bags anywhere on your farm.

What do the Smart Silobag sensors monitor?
  • Humidity – the sensor will send alerts to you via smart hubs when conditions breach the configured parameters.
  • CO2 – detecting undesirable gas levels.
  • Temperature – It will alert you to high temperatures that put the silo bag at risk of bursting.
  • Movement – the sensors detect movement, so issues such as mice, sabotage, or potential theft can be detected early.
  • Geo localisation – this helps you to differentiate groups of silo bags that are stored around your farm.

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Terms and conditions apply. Funding subject to eligibility and availability. This web page is for informational purposes only and does not constitute an official application. Please refer to the terms and conditions for detailed program guidelines and eligibility criteria.