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We understand that you can't start your adoption of digital agriculture if you can't even make a phone call while out in the paddock. As Australia’s leading agricultural telecommunications specialist our sole purpose is to enable digital agriculture by providing appropriate telecommunications solutions to farmers. 


Step into the journey of a fully connected farm. At the heart of every modern farm lies a crucial element as essential as diesel: reliable connectivity fence-to-fence. Here at Connected Farms, we understand that for farmers, connectivity isn't just a technological add-on – it's a catalyst for unlocking untapped potential and profitability. 


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Peter’s Connectivity Story


“Connected Farms have put a portable Wi-Fi solution on my tractor and that has given me very reliable connectivity.”

Guy - Agri-Contractor


We've been very happy with our relationship with Connected Farms and the technology keeps on proving itself.”

Tim - Farmer


“The on move Wi-Fi system is a big advantage for us to be able to share data in the paddock and being able to make a phone call where there isn't signal with Wi-Fi calling, that has been a huge advantage for us.”

Zac - Grower

A Connected Farm starts with connectivity you can depend on to make a phone call.

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Connecting Farmers to the Future

Unlocking Success: The Power of a Connected Farm

A connected farm means real-time insights and data at your fingertips, enabling you to gain a complete view of your entire farming cycle. In this connected landscape, your operations are streamlined with seamless connectivity, unlocking value across every aspect of your farm.

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Streamline your operations with reliable connectivity across all aspects of your farm.



Elevate yields and reduce downtime through real-time monitoring and control.



Prioritise the safety of your team with reliable communication tools in remote areas.

Cost effective


Optimise resources and reduce operational costs with a connected farm.

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Hear It From Our Farmers

“Since having connectivity from Connected Farms we have noticed a marked difference in the operational side of things with saving so much time.”

Tim - Farmer

Self on-farm connectivity assessment

Curious about the connectivity on your farm? Our Connectivity Assessment helps you to determine your farm's connectivity level and explore personalised solutions that fit your farm’s unique needs.
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