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For large and remote farming businesses it can be challenging to stay connected, especially out in the paddocks where you need connectivity the most. Poor connectivity hinders these farm’s operations and business goals. 

Imagine a world where your farm has seamless, high-speed mobile broadband coverage across every hectare. Our private 4G network solution is tailored to meet the connectivity needs of farms including large corporate farms.  

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What does it unlock on farm?

High Speed Mobile Broadband

Our solution provides true high-speed mobile broadband connectivity, transforming your farmland into a hub of agricultural innovation and efficiency. With Connected Farms' private 4G network, you can seamlessly integrate AgriTech, precision farming technology, smart farming applications, and meet the demands of data-intensive agrobots and automation technology.  

Tailored for Agriculture

Connected Farms is dedicated to designing and building networks specifically for agriculture, understanding the unique challenges and conditions that farmers face. Our private 4G networks are crafted to meet the specific needs of farms and corporate farm portfolios, ensuring reliable connectivity across your entire operation. 

Comprehensive Coverage

Experience connectivity not just within your farm office and outlying sheds but also out in the paddocks. Our private networks ensure that every operational corner of your property is covered, facilitating seamless communication and data transfer.

Precision Farming Unleashed

Empower your precision farming functions with our high-speed network, supporting data-intensive applications that drive efficiency and productivity. From agrobots to advanced agricultural technologies, Connected Farms' 4G network solution enables you to take your farm operations to the next level. 

Real Stories, Real Results

Hear It From Our Farmers

Meet our customer Tim, a broadacre farmer. After years of trying to farm in a connectivity black spot, hear how Connected Farms has helped improve connectivity over his farm and optimised the way his business can operate.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is on-farm connectivity?

On-farm connectivity is the ability for farm businesses to have connectivity across their whole farm, fence-to-fence, to enable digital agriculture. Your whole farm business and systems can be connected to provide better control, visibility, and management where and when you need it. This in turn increases efficiency, productivity, and incremental gains on-farm.

How does connectivity work with my farm machinery?
  • Full Wi-Fi capabilities across your farmland so you can make a call, send an SMS or access the internet from the field, keeping you connected, safe. Improving on-farm productivity and wellbeing.
  • Planting and harvest accuracy is improved with RTK correction over IP. Our coverage allows all your machinery and on-board precision farming systems to work at maximum effectiveness.
  • Connected machinery allows data casting so you know what is happening and where it is happening across the farm in real-time.
  • On-board technology and software reach their full potential with connectivity. So, you can make the most of your machine’s on-board precision systems and technologies with real-time data and full integration.
  • Allows real-time access to yield mapping, particularly grain moisture and protein content that enables instant decision making for grain storage and blending.
  • Monitoring of activity and on-farm data collection can be performed in real-time.
What does a fully connected farm mean?

Connectivity over farmland can be likened to conduit - it enables seamless communication, data exchange, and control among various components, equipment, and processes on-farm.

A fully connected farm has various elements of the farming process, seamlessly linked through digital connectivity. This includes the integration of IoT sensors, AgriTech, data-sharing across devices, machines and platforms, and remote monitoring capabilities. The primary goal is to create an integrated and data-rich farm ecosystem that allows farmers to make informed decisions in real-time, improving the efficiency and productivity of the farm while minimising waste and resource use.

What are the benefits when my farm is fully connected?
  • Data collection: Connectivity enables data from sensors to be continuously collected and transmitted in real-time to a central database or cloud-based platform. This allows for the monitoring of conditions and activities across the farm.
  • Remote monitoring and control: Farmers and farm managers can access real-time data and control farm equipment remotely through their smartphones or computers. This enables them to make informed decisions and adjustments faster and more efficiently.
  • Automation: Automation systems can be implemented to control various farm operations. For example, irrigation systems can be automated based on soil moisture data, reducing water waste.
  • Data & predictive analytics: The collected data is analysed using advanced analytics tools. This can provide insights into crop health, equipment efficiency, and overall farm performance. Predictive modeling can be used to forecast future conditions and optimise resource allocation. For example, predicting pest outbreaks or optimal planting times.
  • Efficiency: Connectivity can be used to optimise resource use on farm in real-time to maximise productivity.
  • Supply chain integration: Fully connected farms can be connected to their supply chain suppliers and buyers, enabling better coordination.
  • Safety and security: Connectivity can enhance farm safety and security by providing real-time monitoring of critical data and staff can communicate anywhere, anytime.
  • Compliance and record keeping: Being fully connected on-farm can also simplify regulatory compliance and record-keeping by automating the collection and reporting of required data.

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