Transforming Farm Connectivity with

Satellite On The Move

A portable LEO Satellite solution for farmers in Australia. Remove blackspots on farm with seamless on-the-move Wi-Fi!


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At Connected Farms, we understand the challenges farmers face running a business in connectivity black spots and the demands, pressures and hand brakes this can put on your farming operations and business.  

Our Satellite on the move solution is a game changer for farmers in these remote and unconnected areas.  

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Unleash Connectivity Anywhere, Anytime

Say goodbye to blackspots and connect seamlessly regardless of your farm's location, thanks to our Satellite on the move solution. It is a unique, portable connectivity solution using the Starlink LEO Satellite Network. 

This solution ensures uninterrupted and reliable connectivity, even in the most remote corners of your farmland. Providing a Wi-Fi bubble around your machinery and service vehicles on the go. 


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Why Choose our Satellite on the move solution? 

Connected Machines and Staff

Our Satellite on the Move solution enables you and your staff to stay connected across the farm, ensuring real-time collaboration and coordination.  

Your team can make Wi-Fi calls and messages anywhere on the farm, enhancing communication efficiency during critical farming operations. 

Utilise connected tractors and machines on your farm to experience advantages such as instant data transfer, remote servicing capabilities, tractor to tractor data casting/syncing, and automatic documentation for your operations. You will achieve cost savings and time efficiency.  

Precision Farming at Your Fingertips

Wi-Fi on the go unlocks the power of data-driven precision farming functions, all while your machinery is operational and moving. Make informed decisions on the go, boosting overall efficiency and productivity in your daily operations. 

It caters to all forms of precision farming functions on your farm from real time RTK corrections over IP and machine datacasting/syncing through to automation and robotics.  

Seamless Integration with Your Machinery

We ensure seamless integration into your machinery’s on-board systems and technology, for a smooth connectivity experience. 

Always Connected with Wi-Fi On-the-Go

Stay connected wherever your machinery goes, fostering efficient communication in the paddock. This unlocks endless possibilities! You can download service manuals in the paddock, check in with the grain depot and hauling company anytime, improve lone worker safety and wellbeing, receive real-time spraying, seeding, and harvest data to improve your farm’s efficiencies and gains. Whatever your farm’s communication and data needs are, reliable connectivity can help unlock them. 

Remove connectivity blackspots! 

Our satellite on the move solution works anywhere there is a clear view to the sky, so you can use data, make wi-fi calls, utilise precision technology and more!
Hear firsthand from Peter who has embraced Satellite on the Move into his farming operations, overcoming connectivity challenges, achieving precision in agriculture, optimising communication, and connecting staff seamlessly. 

Features of our Satellite on the move solution.

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Reliable Connectivity

High down and upload speeds, providing a steadfast Wi-Fi connection for your connectivity needs.

Unlimited Data

Maximise your farm’s potential.

Low Latency

Experience real-time responsiveness crucial for data-intensive applications and precision farming functions.

Business-Grade Solution

It is designed to meet the unique and tough conditions found on farm. 

Versatile Connectivity Options

Choose between Wi-Fi or Ethernet options, adapting the solution to your preferences for a seamless experience.


Self on-farm connectivity assessment

Curious about the connectivity on your farm? Our Connectivity Assessment helps you to determine your farm's connectivity level and explore personalised solutions that fit your farm’s unique needs.
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