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Silobag monitoring!

Connected Farms, in collaboration with Wiagro, brings the Smart Silobag sensor to the Australian market, enabling grain and crop growers with cutting-edge technology for remote monitoring and control. Our Smart Silobag sensors are not just for silobags but also cater to silage tubes, bags, grain and crop bunkers, offering unparalleled convenience and efficiency in grain management. 

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Remote Monitoring, Anytime, Anywhere

You can monitor your grain and harvested crops from the ease of your home or on-the-go. Our Smart Silobag sensor operates via satellite or wide-area mobile broadband, ensuring real-time monitoring, even in the most remote areas. Connect seamlessly with your stored crops! 


Smart Silobag Sensor Key Features

Quality Control

Easily check the quality of your grain remotely and address potential issues promptly with real-time alerts. The Wiagro Smart Silobag ensures you are in control of your stored harvest at all times. 


Simple self-installation with a self-healing patch makes it hassle-free for farmers. No specialised technicians are required, ensuring quick and easy setup. 

Versatility and Reusability

Designed for silo bags, tubes, and bunkers, the Wiagro Smart Silobag is easy to pull out and reuse when grain or crops/silage needs transportation, on-selling, or fed out. 


The sensors have been designed to withstand the harsh environments found on farm. 

Monitor crucial parameters in real-time

Humidity: Receive alerts when conditions breach configured parameters. 

CO2 Levels: Detect undesirable gas levels. 

Temperature: Be alerted to high temperatures that could risk bags or tubes bursting. 

Movement: Detect issues such as mice, sabotage, or potential theft early on. 

Geo-Localisation: Differentiate groups of silo bags, silage tubes, or bunkers stored around the farm. 

Long-Life Batteries

Wiagro Smart Silobag sensors feature long-life batteries, providing extended reliability and reducing the need for frequent replacements. 


We offer dedicated customer support. Our dedicated team prioritises your needs, ensuring that every one of our customers experiences unparalleled assistance and guidance in maximising connectivity. From prompt responses to technical assistance, our relentless focus on customer satisfaction remains unwavering. 

Low-cost satellite connectivity

Smart Silobag Sensors have built-in low-cost satellite connectivity so they can be used in silobags anywhere that has a clear view to the sky.
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Why choose Smart Silobag Sensors? 

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Real-time monitoring and alerts

Smart Silobag sensors provide real-time monitoring and alerts, enabling you to take immediate action when conditions in the silobags threaten grain quality. This results in a higher quality grain product, which can command premium prices in the market.  


Detecting issues

By detecting issues such as temperature spikes, humidity imbalances, and gas levels, the sensors help prevent spoilage, grain and crop loss. This directly translates into cost savings and increased revenue.  

Remote monitoring

Fewer manual checks

With remote monitoring and automated reporting, it means fewer manual checks on your silobags, silage tubes, and bunkers resulting in reduced labour costs, and more efficient use of resources.  


Quality assurance for buyers

Knowing the exact quantity, type, and condition of grain and crops stored in each silobag simplifies storage control and provides quality assurance to buyers. 

data and trends

Make informed decisions about grain/crop storage and distribution

Access to historical data and quality deterioration predictions enables you to make informed decisions about grain/crop storage and distribution. This can lead to better long-term planning and profitability.  

Market prices

Match optimal grain quality with market prices

Farms equipped with this monitoring technology in the silobags can match optimal grain quality with market prices throughout the year, leading to maximised returns on your harvest and on-farm profitability. 

Labour savings

Labour Savings

Streamlines operations with remote monitoring capabilities, reducing manual tasks and enhancing productivity.

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Austins Pastoral: 
“The customer service is very responsive, and it’s also great to support a local-based business.” 

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