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A portable Wi-Fi hotspot solution designed for farmers in Australia. Say hello to seamless on-the-move Wi-Fi over your farm like never before!


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Wi-Fi Out In Your Paddocks!

CommsXtend is your key to unlocking better coverage on your farm, so you can make phone calls, use data, connect your machines and service vehicles and utilise digital ag tech out on your land.

With its high-gain antenna providing a robust high-speed Wi-Fi hotspot covering to 40 meters and more, you can now experience the next level of reliable connectivity for your farm. 

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Dynamic SIM

This game-changing technology amplifies signals from any mobile operator network throughout Australia through our unique dynamic SIM, guaranteeing connectivity even in areas with patchy and limited coverage. Easy to install, CommsXtend lets you utilise Wi-Fi calling and data usage via your smartphone and AgriTech devices, transforming the way you operate on your farm. 


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Why Choose CommsXtend? 

Dynamic SIM

When paired with a Connected Farms Dynamic SiMCommsXtend efficiently captures 4G signals from multiple mobile operators, including Telstra, Optus, and Vodafone. It is unique in its ability to dynamically select the strongest signal available and convert it into robust Wi-Fi coverage. This means you only need one SIM and one plan, no mixing and matching of SIMs and plans are required. Easy!

High Gain Antennas for Reliable Connectivity

Our antennas have high performance. This solution ensures consistent, high-speed internet access, even in remote or low-coverage areas, optimising farm operations.  

No Lengthy Contracts!

Subscriptions are on a month by month basis, with no long-term contracts! You also have the option to include a turn off/turn on service* to match your machine's activities through the farming seasons.

*a reconnection fee applies.

Optimised For Your Farm

We optimise each CommsXtend for the unique environment of your farm so you get the best performance possible.

Ease of Use & Versatile

CommsXtend is user-friendly with hassle-free installations. It can be set up quickly, so you can start benefiting from enhanced connectivity immediately

This solution is adaptable to various agricultural machines and vehicles, offering a portable Wi-Fi solution for multiple applications that can be moved within your fleet.

4G Coverage Check

Our CommsXtend on machine Wi-Fi solution includes a 4G coverage check to ensure that this solution will work at full capability, dynamically choosing the strongest 4G signal to use as it travels anywhere across your farm.


CommsXtend is designed to accommodate both current 4G and emerging 5G technologies, ensuring sustained connectivity advancements. 

Support & Compatibility

We offer dedicated customer support and ensure compatibility and integration with a wide range of farm equipment and systems. 

Meet farmer Roscoe Taggart who owns a broadacre operation in Canterbury. After years of trying to farm in poor connectivity, hear how CommsXtend has helped improve connectivity over his farm and optimised the way his business can operate.

We 100% back the capability of our CommsXtend, so much so, that this webpage has been made on-farm and on the go with CommsXtend!

Tailored for Agriculture, Built for Toughness. 

CommsXtend is made for your agricultural machinery and vehicles. Install it effortlessly on headers, tractors, and service vehicles 
Get a look of CommsXtend in action! Watch this video showcasing our CommsXtend on a header and hear from our CTO, Luke Robertson about how it works and how it will be a game-changer for farmers and growers.

What does it enable on farm? 

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Connectivity anywhere

Wi-Fi Anywhere and Anytime

Wi-Fi anywhere and anytime over your farm, CommsXtend provides Wi-Fi access in and around machines, enabling activities like Wi-Fi calling for operators and farm workers.  

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Make phone calls out in your paddocks

CommsXtend enables you to make phone calls via Wi-Fi calling so you can keep in contact with your team, loved ones, and contractors. 

Remote monitoring

Remote Monitoring

CommsXtend enables real-time farm operation monitoring from anywhere, reducing the need for constant manual checks and enhancing overall efficiency.


Integration of Precision Technology

Optimise in-cab precision technology by seamlessly connecting it to the main office with real-time data, linking all devices and integrating with other technologies for enhanced productivity.

Precision farming

Precision Farming Techniques

CommsXtend opens the door for the implementation of precision farming techniques like variable rate application and spray drift stop control, optimising resource usage.

Connected Machines

Connected Machines

Enables seamless datacasting and machine syncing between operators and the main office, allowing real-time tracking for seeding and harvest runs. 

Labour savings

Labour Savings

Streamlines operations with remote control capabilities for specific farm equipment, reducing manual tasks and enhancing productivity.

Decision making

Enhanced Decision-Making

Make data-driven decisions that lead to higher yields and improved farm profitability. Free up time and capacity by enabling automation and removing the need for manual checks.

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Self on-farm connectivity assessment

Curious about the connectivity on your farm? Our Connectivity Assessment helps you to determine your farm's connectivity level and explore personalised solutions that fit your farm’s unique needs.
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