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Connectivity for AgRobots and Autonomous Implements

We are the global leading provider of innovative fixed and on the move connectivity solutions for agricultural robotics and autonomous machinery.

At Connected Farms, we lead the way in providing fit for purpose connectivity solutions for ag-robots and autonomous implements. AgRobotics is a growing area in farming, and the machines involved have diverse connectivity requirements for tasks such as command and control, as well as the necessary operations to ensure the robots operate both safely and efficiently. 

As the demand for Agricultural Robotics and Autonomous Machines continues to grow, Connected Farms is committed to delivering reliable connectivity for these machines and implements.  

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Industry Collaboration for Seamless Robot and Farming Operations 

Collaborating with the world's leading ag-robot manufacturers and autonomous tractor suppliers, we ensure that their equipment operates seamlessly across diverse farms, meeting the evolving demands of Agricultural Robotics and Autonomous Machines. 

Tailored Connectivity for Varied Farming Needs 

Connected Farms specialise in addressing the specific operational needs that enable robots to work safely and efficiently. Whether your machines require high connectivity levels, are sensitive to network latency, or have diverse connectivity needs, Connected Farms is here to ensure your farm, robotics, and autonomous implements stay seamlessly connected. 


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Advanced Private Network Solutions for Enhanced Functionality 

Our advanced Private network solution offers substantial capacity for data onboarding and transmission. This not only allows your ag-robots to perform their primary tasks but also facilitates the execution of secondary functions. For example, an automated sprayer can simultaneously scan fruits, record their size, and identify pests or diseases early on. 

When it comes to obstacle detection, our connectivity solutions play a crucial role. Ag-robots rely on LIDAR or stereo cameras for detecting obstacles. In the event of an obstacle, the machine halts and sends a warning message with video footage to a remote operator for a go/no-go decision.

Connected Farms' solutions streamline these safety halts, preventing downtime and enhancing overall efficiency. Our private network solution facilitates seamless communication as intended by the machines, allowing operators to manage multiple robots efficiently. 

Portable Connectivity for Agile Farming Operations 


If your ag-robot fleet operates as a service, moving from farm to farm, our portable solutions bring connectivity wherever it's needed. Our high-quality, high-speed portable connectivity solutions enable your autonomous tractors and agricultural robots to operate efficiently in any location. 


“Connected Farms has demonstrated the difference a robust layer of connectivity has made to our robotic sprayers. All functions now work at 100% during operation." 

- Almond Grower

When it comes to robotics or autonomous tractors and implements, there are many connectivity factors to consider. Before implementing these machines and implements on to your farm, please have a chat with us to ensure your farm is equipped with the necessary levels of connectivity. 

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