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Farmer's Friend is Your Essential Companion out in the Paddocks. 

Connectivity is no longer a luxury but a farmer's necessity. Meet Farmer's Friend, the trusted satellite communicator designed for farmers and farm operators. Seamlessly blending cutting-edge technology with farmer-friendly features to redefine how you stay connected. Farmer's Friend is your solution for remote farm safety, wellbeing, and lone worker security. 

Farmers Friend 1-1
Lone Worker Safety

Australia Farm Safety Stats 


of work place deaths occur in Agriculture.

4,159 serious injury claims.

In the period of 2020-21, the agriculture, forestry, and fishing sectors reported a total of 4,159 serious injury claims. This figure represented the highest frequency rate across all industry sectors.

Highest fatality rate.

In 2021 agriculture, forestry and fishing had the highest fatality rate across all industry sectors. 


70% of farmland

in Australia has poor or nonexistent mobile coverage.


the average cost of fatality on farm in 2019.

Why Choose Farmer's Friend? 

Stay Connected Anywhere, Anytime

No more communication black spots or uncontactable areas across your farm. Farmer's Friend ensures seamless two-way satellite messaging, allowing you to communicate with staff, loved ones and emergency services even in the most remote locations. 

Global Satellite Coverage

Whether out in your paddocks, machinery, livestock, or fixing fences —Farmer's Friend ensures 100% global satellite coverage. Send and receive SMS text messages, share your GPS location, and access weather reports wherever you are. 

Team Coordination

Keep your farming crew connected with farmer’s friend, the first satellite messenger offering off-grid group messaging and location sharing for up to 12 people. Monitor your team, coordinate tasks, and ensure everyone's safety with ease. 

Choose where to direct non injury emergency alerts.

Sometimes lone workers face emergencies that don't require Global Rescue, such as a bogged side-by-side, or tyre puncture. Farmer's Friend has the unique ability to allow you to choose where to direct those emergency alerts, such as to within the team or office, rather than Global Rescue.

Mitigate company liability

A well-connected team ensures swift and efficient communication, reducing the likelihood of errors, delays, accidents, or injuries that might lead to potential liability challenges. With worker connectivity, employees can promptly address emerging issues, share critical information, and mitigate serious accidents, injury, and harm.  

Emergency Services at the push of a button

In the unpredictable world of farming, emergencies can arise anytime. With Farmer's Friend, you have year-round 24/7 SOS monitoring provided by Global Rescue. The dedicated SOS button sends GPS coordinates to emergency services promptly, ensuring swift search and rescue. 

Offline Maps

Download detailed offline maps with the farmer’s friend app to help new staff navigate your farm with confidence, even without cellular service. 

Farmer's Friend isn't just a gadget; it's a lifeline ensuring that every member of your team feels secure, no matter where their jobs take them. 

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What Sets Farmer's Friend Apart? 

Unparalleled Connectivity

Farmer's Friend ensures you and your staff are always in touch, no matter the terrain. 

Advanced Group Coordination

It's a revolutionary tool for team coordination in off-grid environments, setting Farmer's Friend apart from the rest. 

Swift Emergency Response

With year round 24/7 SOS monitoring by Global Rescue, Farmer's Friend takes emergency response to a new level, providing peace of mind in critical situations. 

Credit roll-over

Credits Roll-over and accumulate each month. 

Improved Lone Worker Safety

Farmer's Friend provides a communication link, so your staff have increase safety and support when working alone. 

Order Your Farmer's Friend Today 

Choose Farmer's Friend for unparalleled lone worker safety connectivity, advanced group coordination, and swift emergency assistance.  

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