Meet Some of the Members of Our Team Who Help Get Farmers and Agribusinesses Connected

Our dedicated team at Connected Farms, ensures farmers receive top-tier connectivity solutions. From deployment to customer support, we prioritise your needs for seamless agricultural connectivity.

Our People

Eiligh France

Customer Solutions

Engages with farmers, providing them with tailored connectivity solutions and exceptional customer service.

Summa Hicks


Supports team operations, enabling efficient delivery of connectivity solutions to farmers.

Sue Maddalena

Quality & Business Systems

Ensures our services and systems meet high standards, providing farmers with reliable and efficient connectivity solutions.

Tegan Clark


Analyses data and research, to help continually improve our technology to provide farmers with superior connectivity services.

Shae O'Brien

Customer Support

Assists farmers and agribusinesses, ensuring they receive exceptional support and guidance for our telecommunication solutions.

Ben Payne

Business Development

Leverages his precision farming expertise to provide farmers with connectivity solutions that are best suited to their unique farming needs.

Abagael Higgs


Is the custodian of the Connected Farms brand, promotes our services, and educates farmers and agribusinesses on the benefits of our connectivity solutions for their agricultural needs.

Luke Robertson

Technology & Technical

Innovates and drives our technology infrastructure, enhancing connectivity solutions that empower farmers with reliable telecommunication tools.

Louise Bradford

Regulatory and Government

Navigates regulations to facilitate seamless connectivity solutions for the farming community and ensures ag industry associations know about the good work we do for farmers.

Melissa Andrews


Expands our reach, ensuring more farmers in Australia, NZ, UK and other countries access vital connectivity services for their farming operations.

Tom Andrews

Strategy & Direction

Leads the company, driving vision and strategy to connect farmers with essential telecommunication solutions.

Our commitment to customer service stands as the cornerstone of our mission. We take immense pride in offering industry-leading, high-quality support that exceeds expectations. As providers of top-tier agricultural connectivity solutions, we understand that seamless connectivity is vital across expansive farms through to smaller operations.
Our dedicated team prioritises your needs, ensuring that every one of our customers experiences unparalleled assistance and guidance in maximising connectivity. From prompt responses to technical assistance, our relentless focus on customer satisfaction remains unwavering. We believe that exceptional customer service is not just a goal but an integral part of ensuring robust connectivity. 
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