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Welcome to our On-Farm Connectivity Knowledge Hub, where innovation meets agriculture. Its aim is to provide farmers, agri-professionals, and agribusinesses with education and resources to enable the provision of informed and thorough understanding of on-farm connectivity. Whether you're a seasoned farmer looking to optimise operations or a technology enthusiast exploring the intersection of agriculture and connectivity, you've come to the right place. 

AgRobots and connectivity

Connected Farms are a global leading provider of connectivity solutions for AgRobots and autonomous machinery. Explore connectivity considerations and solutions for AgRobots here.


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Explore our range of educational articles and resources about on-farm connectivity.

What is Farm Connectivity? 

On-farm connectivity is the ability for farm businesses to have connectivity across their whole farm, fence-to-fence, to enable digital agriculture. Your whole farm business and systems can be connected to provide better control, visibility, and management where and when you need it. This in turn increases efficiency, productivity, and incremental gains on-farm. 

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Why Connected Farms?

Discover the Connected Farms difference and how we can enhance your farm with reliable and fit for purpose connectivity!
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Broadacre Connectivity Knowledge Hub

Explore our range of connectivity educational articles, farmer stories and resources specifically for broadacre growers.

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