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Aquaculture and On-Site Connectivity

Every aquaculture grower understands the challenges that come with unreliable or patchy coverage. Unable to make phone calls, send messages, and no data or internet out on site where you need it most.  

Unlock the full potential of your aquaculture operation with our comprehensive range of connectivity solutions. We specialise in providing connectivity that caters to every facet of your operation. Whether it's remote reporting, monitoring, or precise control, we have you covered. 

Connectivity challenges faced by Aquaculture Growers

Aquaculture growers face unique connectivity challenges. Moving from farm to farm can offer a whole range of connectivity problems – not every farm you will work on will have connectivity. When you are unable to perform simple connectivity tasks on-farm, such as phone calls, and more complex tasks, such as precision and digital aquaculture, you waste much time and resources within your business.  
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Why Connectivity is Crucial for Aquaculture Growers

At the heart of efficient aquaculture business lies the need for consistent and accurate data. Robust connectivity facilitates:  

  • The ability to make phones calls out on site anywhere, anytime, regardless of if you are on-shore, near-shore, or off-shore.  
  • Collection and integration of data from sensors.   
  • Geolocated and real-time water quality data for informed decision-making.  
  • Precision in feeding, water quality, and environmental monitoring is greatly enhanced through connectivity. This connectivity optimises the performance of precision tech, allowing these systems to operate at peak efficiency.  
  • Remote equipment and infrastructure monitoring.   
  • Respond quickly to changing conditions and risks in real-time.  

Benefits of Connectivity for Aquaculture Operations

Enhanced precision in water quality and feeding.

Real-time awareness of operations across your sites, reducing input costs and the bottom line.

Instant communication for staff to promptly address breakdowns, failures, fish health, etc.

Efficiency in autonomous equipment and systems.

Improved staff and lone worker safety.

Connected sites and barges for improved decision-making, efficiency, and cost savings.

New site surveillance for informed site viability.

Cost savings, increased productivity gains, and improved efficiencies.

Solutions to Explore for Your Aquaculture Operation

Explore our range of connectivity solutions tailored for Aquaculture Growers.

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Connectivity Assessment for Your Aquaculture Farm

Visit our dedicated page to assess your current connectivity levels within your aquaculture operation. Understand existing connectivity obstacles on site and explore solutions that align with the unique demands of your operation. 
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