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Broadacre Operations and On-Farm Connectivity

Every broadacre grower understands the challenges that come with unreliable or patchy coverage. Unable to make phone calls, send messages, and no data or internet out in the farm sheds. In modern broadacre farming, a seamless and dependable layer of connectivity stands as a fundamental necessity. Overcoming the persistent challenge of uneven or patchy coverage is crucial for unlocking the full potential of digital agriculture systems and connected machinery.

Connectivity Obstacles on Broadacre Farms

  • Not able to make phone calls.
  • Unable to get data in farm sheds or pump sheds.
  • Unreliable and patchy coverage compromises the capabilities or prevents the adoption of precision agriculture equipment.
  • Increased costs and reduced accuracy in crucial operations, such as spraying, seeding, and harvest.
  • Substantial financial losses due to unreliable coverage.
  • Lone worker safety risks
  • Lack of real-time insights for decision-making.
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Why Connectivity is Crucial for Broadacre Farms and What it Enables

At the heart of efficient broadacre farming lies the need for consistent and accurate data. Robust connectivity facilitates: 

  • To be able to easily perform basic communication tasks such as sending messaging or making phone calls.  
  • Collection and integration of data from various sources (soil moisture probes, soil assessments, weather stations, real-time cab data). 
  • Geolocated and real-time harvest data for informed decision-making. 
  • Precision in planting and harvesting is greatly enhanced through connectivity. This connectivity optimises the performance of precision ag tech, allowing machinery and onboard precision farming systems to operate at peak efficiency. 
  • Data casting and machine syncing.  
  • Automation and robotics. 

Benefits of Connectivity

The ability to make phones calls out in the paddock anywhere, anytime.

Connected sheds, pump sheds, and irrigation.

Enhanced precision in planting, spraying, and harvesting.

Real-time awareness of operations across the entire farm, reducing input costs and the bottom line.

Instant communication for addressing breakdowns, punctures, fires, etc.

Efficiency in autonomous machines and implements.

Improved staff and lone worker safety.

Connected machines for improved decision-making, efficiency, and cost savings.

Cost savings, increased productivity gains, and improved efficiencies.

Solutions to Explore for Your Broadacre Operation

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