Irrigation and On-Farm Connectivity

Every farmer and grower understand the challenges that come with unreliable or patchy coverage. Unable to make phone calls, send messages, and no data or internet out in the paddocks where your irrigation systems are. 

Unlock the full potential of your irrigation system with our comprehensive range of connectivity solutions. We specialise in providing connectivity that caters to every facet of your irrigation operation. Whether it's remote reporting, monitoring, or precise control, we have you covered. 

Remote Management Excellence

Our cutting-edge connectivity enables remote stop and start controls, keeping you in command of your irrigation no matter where you are. Plus, connectivity enables you to receive instant alerts and notifications for optimal responsiveness.  
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Smart Metering for Water Pumps

Connectivity enables you to gain insights into water usage and get the most from advanced water pump meters. Track actual flows and levels, ensuring a precise understanding of your irrigation system's performance. 

A fully connected irrigation system unlocks the ability to implement SCADA. So, you can monitor and manage critical irrigation operations with efficiency and ease. 

Efficiency at Your Fingertips 

We take pride in offering connectivity solutions that enable you to get the most from your irrigation system and pump sheds. 

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Connectivity Assessment for Your Farm.  

Visit our dedicated page to assess your current connectivity levels within your farm. Understand existing connectivity obstacles on farm and explore solutions that align with the unique demands of your farming operation. 
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